We use only the high class materials with all indispensable certificates. It doesn't mean that costs of construction are higher, because cost of materials is not decisive in connects, installations and networks. The main costs are: completely documentation, trenchs, sand sprinkles, agreements, drills, pumps, decision of pursuit and rebuilding the street surface, receipt of build up, others receipts, supervisions, tightness tests, rinses etc.

To construction connects and networks of gas and water we use pipes from Wavin S.A. with seat in Buk near Poznan, Kaczmarek. Materials PE HD 100, pipes to internal gas installation are cooper and steel, Gas reduction Station - from Pegas with seat in Legionowo near Warsaw.

Materials to water-supply are: Halerg's perfect sphere cast iron pipes, or Wavin's PVC and PE, high class gas and water elows from Wavin, Fusion Polska, G.Fischer, Frialen-Friatec and other.

Materials to central heating and oiler house are: cooper pipes and elbows from Sanha, Kolmet, or PP and PE from Aquaterm, Boryszew-Sochaczew, Purmo Rettig. Boilers from Viessmann or Junkers. Pumps from Grundfos. Presure vessels from Reflex. Automation from Danfoss and Samson. Radiators value from Danfoss. Valve from Naval OY or Zawgaz.

Sewage sysyem: PVC or PE ditchs and internal installations, or PE Geberit system.

Ventilation and air conditioning: zinc-plated spiro pipes - circular or rectangular section, ventilators from Venture Industries, filters.

We also have the necessary equipment: - JCB 2CX and 8018 excavator - 5 trucks - current create engines - electric and gas weld - pump engines - combustion and hydraulic drills - soldering iron to hard solder, equipments and tools to join the PE pipes in modern technique.