All designs, calculations, advice, evaluations and opinions are supervised by qualified employees in our customer service in Piaseczno, 37/UH-3 Warszawska str.

We have high class computer equipment and also printers, scanners, copiers. Every project is precisely discussed and consulted with investor, we can also assistance in choosing, for example, heating system or materials.

We have all indispensable building entitlements and others to leading above mentioned activity.

All projects are made in digital technology. We use the following programs: Auto Cad, Floor Plan, Designer, MS Office, Termo-Danfoss, Norma-3, Picture Publisher and others. As result our co-operation with architectural studios and design offices shapes up well. On request the project consist investor's calculations and also "blind" to use in tenders.

Calculations are made in Norma-3 program with always current price for last quarter (based on Sekocenbud prices).